In the near future, an app called Hereafter lets people interact with representations of their deceased loved ones. But representations can be misleading--or even intelligent. Hereafter is quick to catch on in urbanized spaces, but after it goes viral, it slowly seeps into the small towns dotting the Midwest. When the corn-and-beans city of Mitchell, Indiana receives its first Hereafter server and becomes a local hub community, a young man's potentially murderous connection to the app is uncovered, superstition becomes deadly, and one possibly undead girl with a genius mind for engineering has to work with a chance group of suspicious high school students to save them all...



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Poet With No Face

Poetry / Engineering / Art


I'm an electrical engineer with a passion for poetry who is constantly looking for ways to entangle the two and create artistic spaces that challenge the ways we normally interact with the world. If you have any related ideas or want to get in contact with me, send me a message below! 

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