Aliasing II

Polaris Literary Magazine First Prize in Poetry, 2016

finger-sampled sighs:            

red hairballs in the drain       

bits of yourself                      

dead skin and nails                


hiding in the corner of                       

bathrooms we never              

showered in together             

snow-flaked shampoo suds

dripping off eyelashes                       

you turned to him and said


“Honey this isn’t real            

it’s only what you make it    

be scared if you want or        

love me if you want to          

she isn’t coming home.”       


why it is we kiss                    

dead lips to lips                     

turning yellow sheets of        

music in the digital to           

analog sorrows rising:                       


“I hate it more than you        

believe me when I say                       

we’ll leave as soon as the      

preacher stops praying.”       

cells and hormones passing

reduced to notes on paper     

chuckling awkward silences

your freckles disappeared     

who can compute the

freckles on your back

lying in the bed

lost beneath the sheets


“You smell like my mother’s

burnt hair in curlers

between her and my dad

their cold pillows pressed

around my face and neck

warding off the vampires.”


but have you ever wondered

why they made your sister

smile red-lipped like a

china doll in the coffin

all pale-faced and flowers or


your grandma at the organ    

crying Amazing Grace          

pulling frayed hair or

bite peeling skin when

all I know about you is


these sampled remnants of

your body left behind

flesh dust and ashes   

but not your living self or

minds in the infinite

played in the noise between

before you blushed pink and

what was left to read?


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I'm an electrical engineer with a passion for poetry who is constantly looking for ways to entangle the two and create artistic spaces that challenge the ways we normally interact with the world. If you have any related ideas or want to get in contact with me, send me a message below! 

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